Summer Camp @ Play Cafe in Peterborough

Summer Camp at Play Cafe!

Registration has started for our best summer day camp year yet!
Weekly camp rate is $200 + HST. 
(Week One is $160 + HST)
Single Days will be available upon request based on availability.
Single Day Rate: $45 plus HST.

Peterborough Summer Camp at Play Cafe

Each week will feature free play, outside time, movement, sensory exploration, S.T.E.M.( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities, crafts, opening and closing circle, routines (snack, sunscreen, washroom break, clean up), fine and gross motor activities and social skill and emotional development. We will focus on growth mindset activities as well as self-regulation skills. At the start of each week students will be given buckets to be filled for the week with positive statements and growth potential ideas from others. Each day the children can explore creative colouring with mandalas, quotes etc. We will read social skill building stories daily.
Camp is run by Sarah Susnar, Early Childhood Educator and Sonja Martin behaviourist, and yoga and meditation teacher.

The following are planned activities:

Week #1: Theme: Space Explorers
We plan to: use the parachute to create a space shuttle, make galaxy play dough with marbles, make alien painted rocks, make moon button craft, a marble art project and galaxy slime. We will use red cups to make space ship towers and create a gratitude mobile. We will colour space themed colouring sheets. We will make space “calm down “ jars. 
Week #2 Theme: Nature Kids
We plan to make a nature mobile. We will do an outdoor nature scavenger hunt and make nature bracelets. We will do yoga in the park and make leaf print water colour paintings. We will make a “coping strategies” wheel. We will make a mason jar lid sun catcher. We will do a bok choy science experiment. 
Week #3 Theme: Art and Movement 
We will make an art piece with string to classical music. We will do a daily yoga class. We will explore movement with instruments- doing a sensory game. We will have a dance party, create a branch collage mobile hanging, play a yoga board game and make clay and leaf imprint ornaments. Children can create their own natural paint brushes. We will play the movement activity dice game and Twister. We will play a balance game with Kleenex and bean bags on heads to music. We will play the “Control” movement game to music. We will play charades. Play the yoga dice game. We will do an “anxiety and my body” activity. We will play the “feelings and needs” games for self-regulation. We will do the self- regulation intervals game. 
Week # 4 Theme: Pirates and Mermaids,
We plan to search for gold/treasures in the sand at the park. We will walk the plank balance beam, fly a pirate kite and do a mermaid sticker free play activity. We will try mermaid pose/stretch. We will make mermaid slime and make twig boats. We will use a problem solving activity card game. We will play children’s version of “minute to win it”. Mermaid and pirate dress up will be included in free play. 
Our ideas grow each week. This gives you an idea of our offerings. We look forward to hearing from you.